Monday, September 29, 2008

Case of the Mondays?

So today I started out my Monday with a staff meeting. Usually, staff meetings consists of ideas of grandeur; someone gets the bug to change the world and hence our 9 am to 12 pm staff meeting. I did manage to type 3 pages of notes during the whole meeting so I would say that I was able to take something away from it all.

The next phase of my day was at 1 pm at the dentist office. I detest this place the most. I had a horrible experience when I was a young child and have never forgotten it. I am slowly regaining the strength to face this necessary place but it has been a rough road. As I am taken back to my chair I realize that I can't do the appointment. They want to perform whitening today and prep me for a crown tomorrow! Um...just a little problem. I had to leave today for Thare, MO. Anyone ever heard of such a place? I surely haven't. So I ended up rescheduling (whew, off the hook for now).

I have made arrangements to have our sitter come over to watch hun bee so that my husband can drive me to a meeting place. My co-worker is driving us so we have to load all my stuff in her car.

My packing list:
- 1 large suitcase
- 1 large bag full of supplies
- 2 laptops
- 5 hangers worth of hanging clothes

Yeah...its a little overwhelming.

We (and I mean we as in my husband) load everything up and I realize that I only have 1 laptop!! So my co-worker and I turn around and head back to my place. Before we head out, we stopped to get some frozen cokes at this one gas station-- it apparently is the only gas station around that sells them. We got held up because this rude man was completely out of line with the only gas station attendant. He was wanting some Skoal pockets. Who knew that dipping could be so much more acceptable if you use a pocket??!! He actually held up the all the customers in the store and was just awful towards this poor woman.He finally said that he would come back later the line started to move. Well guess who came 2 minutes later? So this guy says "I know the manager pretty well. Is it okay if I just come back behind the counter and find what I'm looking for?"

Lets just stop here. I would consider myself a reasonable person. I would have thought that a reasonable person would say no. What happened next wasn't exactly what I expected. The attendant motioned him over and before you knew it this guy was behind the counter searching for his Skoal. Unbelievable!! Some people really ought to evaluate things a little more. Whatever. We are running behind at this point and need to hit the road! We have a 3 hour drive ahead of us!!

I eventually reunite with my laptop and we are on our way. The first hour or so goes pretty well and we hit a small town. Very small. I noticed a police car pull behind us but didn't think too much of it. Boy was I wrong!

Here we are, sitting in an empty parking lot with a cop's blue lights flashing and spot light on us. Geez. My co-worker was given a ticket for going 20 over. She probably needed it but come on! We are from out of town and obviously looked like it. In fact, the sheriff asked if we were moving!

We finally arrived to our hotel room at 10:30 pm or so. What would have been a 3 hour trip took almost 6 hours!!

Here are a few things that happened along the way that I just can't muster the energy tonight to go into great depths:

- my button fell off my vest and I had to sew it back on (I bypassed home ec and took careers in high school)
- I spit out my gum and my hubby stepped in it while loading up my stuff
- I left my bar of soap at home
- I was exposed to non stop chatter ALL THE WAY HERE! my head hurts

I'm here now and ready to hit the sack. I haven't had a Monday quite like this before. Goodnight.