Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Funny Girl

As I am writing this I am looking upon my beautiful daughter. She seriously makes me laugh. This girl has all the toys in the world to play with and doesn't want anything to do with them! Here are a few things she grabs regularly:

-tags (all of her stuffed animals and toys have tags and she loves them!)
-lotion bottles
-baby wipe packages (anything that is crunchy sounding--she loves)
-magazines (and let me add that any magazine will do and it will be demolished!)

As you can see this list all has something in common. I'm sure that Mattel and Fisher Price weren't expecting this. I told my Dad that the perfect gift for her would be a box wrapped in paper. Seriously. Well besides a trust fund but we can't have it all now can we?

It is quite amazing how the little things are so funny. I love it. It has made me a better person. When I become caught up in this busy world I find my sense of reality from this little person. She is a funny girl and she makes me laugh.