Thursday, September 25, 2008

Please excuse me, I need to go throw up

I should start out by saying that too much Mexican food (including chips and salsa, that crazy white queso that seems to ALWAYS find itself on my shirt, the main entree, glass of water and margarita and lets not forget the flan) will always lead to bad things.

I have been out of town for 5 days now. I've been all over God's green earth in Southwest Arkansas. Besides the occasional gas station and road-side church, I haven't seen many signs of bustling life around these parts.

So this leads to the fact that you can always count on not eating healthy. I have to say that I have noticed that in every town I have been through have a few things in common:

1. Sonic Drive-Ins --- found in ALL rural towns in Arkansas
2. a Mexican restaurant -- which I absolutely love hence the misery I am going through now
3. Wal-Mart retail stores
4. local "dive" restaurants -- kind of sketchy places that you think you had just not go near..just to be on the safe side

There isn't much choice out there. Although, my co-workers and I have been blessed with some pretty notable BBQ joints around this area. We have eaten BBQ two days this week and that's enough for me for six months! I don't necessarily dislike BBQ, I just don't love it enough to consume on a regular basis. We had a choice of BBQ or Mexican tonight and there was no way I was stepping foot in a restaurant with pork and beans as its main entree.

After tonight, I am officially laying off the chips and salsa....for a while.