Sunday, October 5, 2008

Parenting Woes

I am finally home from a busy two weeks. I've been out of town working at 3 area banks and just came back from a weekend visit with my in-laws. Normally people assume that term 'in-law' with bad connotations but I certainly don't have any. My in-laws are another part of my family. I would almost say that I'm closer to them then my own. I must be honest though to how worn out I am from all the running around! Perhaps this is why my husband and I are cranky today!

When you finally meet the person who you want to marry some believe that all is perfect and couldn't get much worse. It does. Add the element of another human being to the picture and you will see more about your spouse then you ever imagined!

I have found that besides the normal arguments all people experience through marriage, how to raise our daughter has become a hot topic. I stepped out of a shower to hear hubs condescendingly telling our Lil one to stop crying. Perhaps it was the tone or the other comments he said, but I was heated!

I tried to explain to him that he shouldn't react to her crying. She's crying because she wants something (this cry-fit was for a bottle) and we can only move so fast to accommodated her need. Patronizing her won't make the situation any better. I think that you have to learn what to really react to. Think about it:

-She's two years old and is crying for a toy or whatever
-She's two years old and is crying as she hits someone in daycare

Which scenario should a reaction be more appropriate for? The point is that I personally believe that not letting a crying baby get to me is the best thing. Of course I will comfort her if she is sick or hurt herself, but when its a fit for something - No thank you.

I have seen time and time again the results of catering every whim a child has. I just don't want to be signing up for Nanny 911 in five years.

I must give credit where credit is due. My husband is awesome at what he does with our daughter! I really couldn't have painted a better picture. I'm just starting to realize the differences of opinion are drastic and I'm going to have to learn to back off. It will be interesting to see how things are several years from now.