Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Suitcase

My suitcase is red, has a few scuffs on it and apparently isn't made for traveling too much. However, that is exactly what I've been doing the past 4 weeks!

A short review:

Over Christmas, my husband, daughter and I flew out to visit the in-laws in Las Vegas. We stayed there a week.

When we got home, I didn't even unpack my stuff because I was going out of town to do an external audit at a bank in southeast Arkansas.

New Year's-- HA!--- We went to bed around 9-ish. No fancy parties or even a toast to ring in the new year. We are parents so sleep is vital!!!!

My audit was moved back a week but I still kept the suitcase packed.

Now you're up to speed on the events over the holidays. I'm actually here in lovely Crossett, Arkansas. It's a small town with a large smell. The Georgia-Pacific Paper Mill is the heart to this town. I don't know all the things that go into processing pine trees but its pretty smelly out there. In the back of my mind, I wonder if I could get cancer from the water from my shower. I have refused to drink tap water here and I head over to Wal-Mart every other day to stock up on it.

I took up spinning while I'm here. This town actually has a pretty ligit gym with classes! Tought by trained professionals mind you! Besides working, working out, and getting into trouble there's not much to do here.

Tonight, my co-worker's and I are making a 1 1/2 hour drive south to Greenville, MS to eat at Doe's! THE Doe's. THE first Doe's. Some of you may ask, "What is Doe's?". It's a red meat-loving piece of heaven on earth. YES. I LOVE RED MEAT. It's a weakness. Then afterwards we're hitting a riverboat on the mighty Mississippi with high hopes and dollar signs in our eyes.

I hope lady luck is on my side tonight!!