Sunday, September 28, 2008

Date Night

As I was typing the words "date night" I found myself facing a new reality; my life will never be the same. No need to feel the sadness of losing my selfish, "me and only me" ways. In fact, I have come to the decision that my life is so much better!

So let me get back to the point here. My hubs and I went out last night. I somehow enticed my Dad to stop by and sit in our living room for three hours. Our little one was sound asleep so I felt relieved that he wouldn't have to really do anything for her. (I love my Dad immensely but he has been out of practice for years! One time I left Honey bee-- our daughter-- with my Dad and I heard a knock on my neighbor's door and there they were; Honey bee was screaming and Dad was holding her straight out in front of him with a panic-stricken face that I hadn't seen on him in looong time. Hence my relief...)

Hubs and I get to our first stop, a sports bar, you know there were a ton of football games on and we need to catch all 50 of them. We order our drinks and find that I don't quite enjoy my Coors Light. I asked the bartender for some tomato juice and made a red beer. Much better!!

I'm kind of bored. I keep getting distracted by baby cries (shouldn't they be at bed?!). I then remember our little one and start talking to hubs about her. Mind you we are out on date night. Isn't the point of this night to get away from our daily regime? Anyways, Hubs starts drinking more and he gets a little goofy.

Definition of goofy behavior:
- Random outbursts of song (that he can only hear)
- Sudden rants of anger towards play calls (mind you there are 50 tvs going)
- PDA <- don't get me wrong, I love to show my affection for hubs but all in good taste
- "Let's party" yelled at the top of his lungs

Okay, so I decided that I had to be the responsible one for the night. Let me say that we had been out for an hour...can you see the trend the evening is going here?

After a few rounds we decide to hit the tables--pool tables that is. I was up two games after winning by default and then hubs came back and was in the lead. The last game I actually won based on legit skills. So we ended up tying it up when all was said and done.

10:30 P.M. - We have decided to call it a night.

Funny to think that we once and not too long ago, would stay up til 3 A.M. On the bright side I have avoided the dreaded hangover, I still got enough sleep in order to wake up at 5:30 A.M. this morning to answer to Honey bee, and I don't feel like my work out yesterday was negated by extreme calorie consumption.

I did enjoy our date night and look forward to the next one.

P.S. Hubs had to sleep in this morning. Someone had a hangover ;D


Bailey said...

I guess date nights should be spent with someone you care about, talking about the things that you both enjoy the most... in your case, I think the fact that you and Hubs talked about Franci is a perfectly acceptable and GOOD thing!! :)
p.s. way to be the responsible one! (my brother-drinking excessively and having a hangover the next morning...? can't say i'm surprised!)