Monday, September 28, 2009

They Start Early

So Franci has been dying to type on my laptop! She is drawn to it like a moth to a light bulb. I really know that this is because Mommy is doing it. She is definitely at that stage. Geez. She has to have a purse, put on my shoes, wear my necklaces, put on her own clothes. I must admit how proud I am of her accomplishments but seriously; she's 1 1/2 years old!! Is it supposed to go this fast?!

I decided to work with her interests on this one. I just happened to come across the cutest website called American Girl. I know that they have a magazine for girls but their webpage has a lot of fun things for girls to do. I also found a game for Franci and I to play together. It's so fun and she doesn't need to do much more than push one key. (That makes this game so easy for a little one to's all repetitive motions...right up her alley!)

The game we play takes place at the pet grooming studio. She gets to choose a pet from a list and then proceed with interactive steps for grooming. Her face lights up each time! I love it!

Gotta Scrub Coconut

Have to Trim Those Nails

The End Results

clean coconut

We both like this website and have been back several times! It's strange to think that this kind of online time is going to be such a part of her future. I can't imgaine what technology has in store.


Leigh said...

That is so cute! Emma loves Noggin games. She always says "Momma, please get it to Noggin Games" then away she goes. I can't believe how quickly they pick it up! She also LOVES to just use the Paint program. Fun times!! And, yes!! It does go by this quick!!