Thursday, September 24, 2009

My side dish

My church community group is having our first "get-to-know-you-better" outing. We're all meeting at a member's house for dinner tomorrow. Some of us have volunteered to bring side dishes and desserts.

I don't cook much. My definition of cook is "No, I can't make lasagna from scratch" and "Yes, I need to have the recipe book open at all times". I can't just whip up an extravagant meal on a dime. I have to plan for those things! However, there are a few things I do well and bruschetta is one of them!

picture of a garden tomatoes

Fresh garden tomatoes

Now does this look so yummy or what?!


Fresh Basil

Fresh basil is the best! While I was searching for pictures of basil, I discovered that some cultures find this herb to be sacred. Who would have known? It's been said that basil can cure diseases and kill mosquitoes and demons living in the air. I'm not too sure about the demons, but I definitely can use it for those pesky mosquitoes!

Newman's Own salad dressing

picture of a Newman's Own Balsamic dressing

picture of olive oil

Virgin olive oil

Take several tomatoes and chop up, finely chop fresh basil, add Newman's Own Lite Balsamic salad dressing (it gives it an extra punch of flavor) or virgin olive oil to a bowl. Stir and serve!



I usually serve this with wheat bread or melba toast. It's such a light tasting snack and it doesn't fill you up for the main course. However, in my case, I tend to make this my meal!


Tootsie said...

Sounds wonderful and very healthy. Newman's light balsamic vinaigrette is my favorite salad dressing.

Theresa said...

I love it! Apparently everyone else did too! I had nothing left but an empty bowl to take home.

Leigh said...

I remember loving when Debbie would bring that to work with all her fancy tomatoes. And I remember Jeff telling how he tried to make it at home and he had microwaved the tomatoes or steamed them and peeled them and everything. That got lots of laughs!! I love that though!! I could eat a ton!!