Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday NOT Wednesday!!

I cannot believe how slow this week is going! I am dreading tomorrow. It won't feel like Friday at all because all day today I was certain it was Wednesday. I have been drained mentally. I have a HUGE test coming up on the 20th. It covers everything one would want to know about a balance sheet. I will spare you and won't even go into it.

I have to share that another reason I am so drained is because I have officially declared that I work with 'that guy'. Who exactly is that guy you ask? Well here it is. TG, as we will call him OR her (ha ha...put a twist on it didn't I?) drives me sooooo freakin' nuts!! Since I was forced to work with TG I have come to know the truth. This person is absolutely ridiculous! Not funny, not witty, doesn't add an ounce of insight or drive into my day whatsoever!

When I heard TG's voice today at 4:30 pm I was yeah..see ya. I left. I actually closed up shop and tip-toed out of my cube and beelined it to the backdoor!! I passed TG's Honda Passport on the way out of the parking lot and thought to myself how I will never look at those SUV's the same again.

Things that TG does that drives me crazy:

-says 'thum' when really means to say 'them'<---Seriously. I called TG out on this and no reasonable explanation came of it. Apparently this is a word used in the English language. I'm not that picky, but when you work with bank presidents and CEOs and CFOs regularly I feel that it is important to present yourself with tact, knowledge and manners.

-Manners! TG interrupts every one's conversation. Not only has
TG done what you have done, but better! Way better!

-Who is Michelle Barack? Well TG believes that this is the name of Barack Obama's wife. Actually, it's Obama Barack, according to TG.

-If you go out and eat with TG be prepared to hear everything that they have eaten the whole time. I know more about this person's eating habits and allergies then I would ever want to know. How many times do I have to hear that they can't eat bacon!!!

-TG is on the city leadership council. Scary. Very scary.

Okay. I have aired my head out a bit. I suppose I am bias. I have been sitting on these feelings for a while. I personally can't handle idiots. It's very dis concerning that others actually look to TG for accounting advice. You know, give me some time to read every accounting rule (FASBs as us number crunchers call it) there ever was issued and then I can spit out a mouthful of information. See that's the thing, all the stuff coming out of TG's mouth is nothing but information. In no shape or form is there anything about applying that information. TG's a walking encyclopedia! Wow. I can Google it myself...and I do. :D

I think you will get a laugh out of the nuances that TG brings so I will periodically add to the list in the future.

Oh! Almost forgot. TG says "Gun shot!" to ride up in the front seat. <-- Oh my! Yes, gun shot. (Just in case your mind went blank, it's 'shot gun'.)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...

I feel so bad for you. Nothing takes the hitch out of my giddy up more than an ignorant person in my surroundings.

I wish you all the best with TG.

Maris said...

Scary. I'm lucky that I work with people I like a lot, but I can't imagine how painful your day must be sometimes!

Theresa said...

At first it was humorous to me. I was thinking, I'm on to this person. Then I absolutely lost it one day and realized that this person was causing me undo stress! But I try not to dwell on this. Really. Just one of the many characters in this wonderful life!