Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Funday?

Sunday Funday once meant sipping fruity drinks by the pool, taking naps all day, trips to the lake, or watching back to back episodes of Sex and the City. Those days are long over and my norm of Sunday Funday is staying home with my three year old daughter.


This is my beautiful baby. She isn't such a baby now.

My Sunday Funday:

-Not getting into fights with F over which plate to use
-No obsessive crying
-No back talking
-A successful nap (for her)
-Only used three band aids (set a record today)
-Taking her bath and not crying excessively
-Several loads of laundry cleaned and folded
-Clean bathroom and kitchen (this makes my day!)
-And 8:00 pm came fast tonight!

It's pretty simple. I still get some peace and quiet when we have successful Sunday Funday's at the house. I wouldn't change a thing either.

I spoke too soon...someone is losing it over brushing her teeth. :)