Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lock down

The Mosier's are officially on lock down, thanks to Franci Christina. Someone has learned the cause and effect of opening and closing doors. At first, it was our peek-a-boo game. She would close her bedroom door (or nearly close it) and then use her little hand to barely open it. She would then peek her head in the small opening and then I'd say it..."Peek-a-boo!". She absolutely loves this game! It is honestly just too precious for words.

So now she has discovered how this applies to all things with a hinge. I'm talking about our kitchen cabinets. It's over folks. We have to lock up everything! There is no way in this world that she should be in them! I know the parent magazines say, "Keep chemicals off the bottom shelves up high..." but you know, I like having my dish soap stored under the sink. This works for me and always has been that way.

This leads to how our morning started. My husband got down on the floor and started installing these kid-proof cabinet things. After one, he was breathing pretty hard. I was thinking what in the world have we gotten into? We're locking up our dwelling and officially baby-proofing.

I must add that we did put those plastic electric outlet protectors in several months back. I swear that I watched Franci pick that thing out and put the plastic protector in her mouth! She is too smart for her own good. Thankfully, she has lost interest in them and has moved on to more important things like:

-her bulb syringe (yea, we suck her runny nose with that thing and she ALWAYS seems to find it!)

-her baby lotion bottle

-the remote control

-her Daddy's glasses (this bothers me because he willingly lets her chew on these!)

-water bottles (we pack bottled water in her diaper bag and she loves to throw everything out and decides what looks good to chew on)

Pretty exciting times are ahead. She starting using her legs this morning to push herself up! AHH! :D