Monday, December 15, 2008

Little Things

All that really matters are the little things. Before I hit the sack tonight, I want to take a moment to list the most amazing little things.

1. My husband warms up my car every morning.

2. Downy softener AND Bounce dryer sheets (no, this is not a marketing plug for P&G)

3. Sweet baby kisses <-- in Franci's case, slaps on my face but she means well :D

4. A surprise DVR-ed "The Gucci Family" program (my hubby thought that I might like it and recorded it for me)

5. Cookies-n-cream ice cream

6. Folded laundry (I must mention that laundry is my favorite thing to do)

7. Fuzzy blankets

8. PJs

9. My bed

10. Fresh air

I was really inspired to brag about my hubby. After suggesting how good ice cream sounded after dinner, he went out in this frigid cold weather and picked some up for me. I love you hun! Those little things will always stay with me.