Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Fam

I have just sat down and officially have no plans. I do have a ton of laundry and some online 'screen-shopping' to do before I get out tomorrow. We have just returned from Thanksgiving numero dos and I guess the saying goes that they save the best for last. Well sort of in this instance.

The second destination was a family get together with my family. My poor husband. Let me just explain some things. First, my parents divorced what I was 7. So, oddly as it may seem, my mom and step-dad, along with my dad sat and broke bread at the table today. They were always pleasant and seem to get along just fine. It is just strange to think that these two individuals still are a part of each other's life in such a way.

We had our infamous friend Cheryl over. I love love love Cheryl! I grew up with her and her kids so she is like an aunt or something. However, Cheryl is pretty different. She came in with a beret (nothing against them but hers had lots and lots of sparkles and reminded me of a hat I'd see in Tangerine or Disco <-- the drag show side). I love gay clubs so no judgement from me. I just want to stress the "loudness" of her hat. She is so cool and calm, my husband actually asked me if she smoked. I'm not going to define this term...if you don't know then good for you. :)

My biological Aunt was present along with my weary grandmother "Granny". My Aunt is a little off as well. I won't get into her mental issues as much but I'm sure you can gather some insight from the story I'm about to get to. (I promise to stop this set up but its is important to bring you in "the know" about this).

Let's start:

My Aunt: "Theresa, you look great. You have lost all the baby fat! It's time to have another one."

Me: :Laughs:

My Mom: :Laughs:

Dad: :Laughs:

Me: "Oh I don't know about that!" :Laughs:

My Aunt: "Well all the stuff that I have to make one has long since died. I have nothing left to make one. It would be a miracle if I did have one that my body would support its life". :Laughing:

Everyone: :Laughs:

Cheryl: "Miracles happen every day!"

Me: :turns head away from view and puts head in hands:

Mom: "It would be a miracle for me too!"

Everyone: :Laughs:



Me: "So how is Summer!?????" <-- Cheryl's daughter. I had to change this subject as soon as possible!

Can you imagine? I mean? Come on! This is NOT table conversation! We're eating here! I could not believe it.

Needless to say, I have a goofy family. I love them all very much. But it really brought out the crazy in the family today. Wow. I'm so glad to be home!