Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Respect

It has been a while since I've made a post. Time to catch up on what has been going on.

I just took a CPA exam on Monday. I've been preparing for this thing for months! I would normally not drag the studying out but you all know that I have an 8 month old. I felt pretty good leaving the testing facility after it was over. It took me the whole time allotted to complete the exam (4 hours). I wanted to be as thorough as possible.

I have recently had some extreme dental work. We're talking gas and shots and all that jazz! I HATE dental visits!! I was well overdue but I have a beautiful smile to boot! Woo hoo! I still hate dental offices.

My daughter was sick this week. She had a fever, a rash and some severe teething. I was able to get a look at her mouth today and saw three teeth coming through her top gum. Amazing! But all those little teeth cost me my sleep and sanity this week.

To add to everything my husband is out of town - IN FLORIDA! He's on the east coast enjoying some warm weather and sunshine and I'm in Arkansas dealing with a cold front and rain! I was pretty peeved when he called me one night after he'd been drinking. I wished that I could have been the one drinking at the point.

With the hectic week and shuffling mine and Franci's schedules I have found a new respect for single moms. I praise all you single moms out there! It is one hard job! I had absolutely ZERO help from any friends or family this week. I survived and made it to the weekend, but it was a difficult road.

I can't imagine living life everyday on my own, taking care of a baby and working full time. It is hard. Period.

My husband returns tomorrow. He's pretty excited about seeing us. I'm pretty excited about seeing him as well.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Walk-In Clinic

I just got back from a visit from a walk-in clinic. It's not me who's sick (knock on wood). My husband has been sick for two weeks! The first sign of sickness, two weeks ago, he decides to sweat out his fever. He piled on layers of clothes and wrapped blankets around him and dealt with it. Like a what I think silently. How strong is he? Geez. I would have been reaching for the NyQuil!

See, two weeks ago, after the great sweat out, things were looking good until recently. Monday, before I left for the office, he's groaning and complaining and just being an all around bear. I know that he's acting like a complete jerk off because he doesn't feel good and order him to see a doctor. Frankly, I am not going to listen to his attitude about being sick if he doesn't do anything about it!

That's the thing! I have told him to go to a doctor for days. He would say things like he felt strong and wanted to tough it out. Okay. That's cool too. I just don't want to hear him complain and take it out me or anyone else. So we go to this clinic (it's after 5 and we don't have much choice) and wait. And wait. And wait. For two hours! Pu-lease! I am hungry and irritated. Franci is ready to go to bed and that makes for a hefty handful to deal with.

We get back into the little examination room and the cutest nurse walks in! She's like the kind of person who's every one's Mom. You know those type of people right?? Well I felt like she would handle this. She starts checking things out and stops. She looks at me and John and says that she can't even get a clear view of his eardrum to check for an infection. (Wanna know why?? It's so gross...!) He has a wall of ear wax in both ears blocking her view! Ew! What in the world?!!

She offers to clean them out and I volunteered John immediately! Of course. Get that crap out. So she mixes her bottle of solution and proceeds to wash his ear out. John was turning red, holding his breath and slowly losing composure. This procedure was apparently sending him off the deep end. Poor guy. Ha. Try having a baby! (I honestly have not used this excuse on him...yet.)

Needless to say, he walked away with a prescription and new found appreciation for ear wax maintenance. I, on the other hand, am moody, tired and need a shoulder rub! Seriously, it feels like I have two kids. One is 25 and the other is 8 months. It's amazing what you can find during a visit to a walk-in clinic.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Bridesmaid

I have a wedding to go to. Yay! My good friend Vanessa is finally marrying Tom Cruise!! Okay so obviously not the Tom Cruise but close enough.'d have to know her fiance in order to understand this. He is a living, breathing replica of Tom. Just about six inches shorter.

I received the text message over the weekend, "Okay girls. Its time to get your dresses. Give your sizes to .....". Don't you just love mass text messaging?!

So back to the issue at hand. Size? Really? Now? Ugh! I have been putting off actually getting measured let alone making that phone call. So I text back, "So can we alter these dresses if need be?" I had to ask. Vanessa has picked out a very unique dress and I have no idea if it can be altered and still maintain its original form. "Yes, its easier to alter up then down." Sweet relief! (There's no WAY in the world I'll need to alter down and if that happens someone PLEASE slap me!)

Size you say? Why? I'm perfectly fine the way I am right? For those of you lovely ladies out there that haven't given birth, its hard to understand the psychological and physical issues brought on by weight gain, stretch marks, boob deflation and hip widening (and in my case ribcage widening). Yes, Franci hung out with my lungs. She just loved getting as close to my throat as possible during her nine months of residency.

I unfortunately have to call and give my dress measurements soon. But hear me now! I declare war on this bridesmaid dress and we will see who comes out on top in March! (I have a feeling that she moved it from March to May. I'm terrible! I'm so confused though. She's having a catholic wedding and I think lent starts in March and that's why she moved to May.)

I will keep periodic updates on my progress. Perhaps a picture montage in the future? (Oh, 10 pounds by March, May, March...10 pounds by spring.)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday NOT Wednesday!!

I cannot believe how slow this week is going! I am dreading tomorrow. It won't feel like Friday at all because all day today I was certain it was Wednesday. I have been drained mentally. I have a HUGE test coming up on the 20th. It covers everything one would want to know about a balance sheet. I will spare you and won't even go into it.

I have to share that another reason I am so drained is because I have officially declared that I work with 'that guy'. Who exactly is that guy you ask? Well here it is. TG, as we will call him OR her (ha ha...put a twist on it didn't I?) drives me sooooo freakin' nuts!! Since I was forced to work with TG I have come to know the truth. This person is absolutely ridiculous! Not funny, not witty, doesn't add an ounce of insight or drive into my day whatsoever!

When I heard TG's voice today at 4:30 pm I was yeah..see ya. I left. I actually closed up shop and tip-toed out of my cube and beelined it to the backdoor!! I passed TG's Honda Passport on the way out of the parking lot and thought to myself how I will never look at those SUV's the same again.

Things that TG does that drives me crazy:

-says 'thum' when really means to say 'them'<---Seriously. I called TG out on this and no reasonable explanation came of it. Apparently this is a word used in the English language. I'm not that picky, but when you work with bank presidents and CEOs and CFOs regularly I feel that it is important to present yourself with tact, knowledge and manners.

-Manners! TG interrupts every one's conversation. Not only has
TG done what you have done, but better! Way better!

-Who is Michelle Barack? Well TG believes that this is the name of Barack Obama's wife. Actually, it's Obama Barack, according to TG.

-If you go out and eat with TG be prepared to hear everything that they have eaten the whole time. I know more about this person's eating habits and allergies then I would ever want to know. How many times do I have to hear that they can't eat bacon!!!

-TG is on the city leadership council. Scary. Very scary.

Okay. I have aired my head out a bit. I suppose I am bias. I have been sitting on these feelings for a while. I personally can't handle idiots. It's very dis concerning that others actually look to TG for accounting advice. You know, give me some time to read every accounting rule (FASBs as us number crunchers call it) there ever was issued and then I can spit out a mouthful of information. See that's the thing, all the stuff coming out of TG's mouth is nothing but information. In no shape or form is there anything about applying that information. TG's a walking encyclopedia! Wow. I can Google it myself...and I do. :D

I think you will get a laugh out of the nuances that TG brings so I will periodically add to the list in the future.

Oh! Almost forgot. TG says "Gun shot!" to ride up in the front seat. <-- Oh my! Yes, gun shot. (Just in case your mind went blank, it's 'shot gun'.)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Parenting Woes

I am finally home from a busy two weeks. I've been out of town working at 3 area banks and just came back from a weekend visit with my in-laws. Normally people assume that term 'in-law' with bad connotations but I certainly don't have any. My in-laws are another part of my family. I would almost say that I'm closer to them then my own. I must be honest though to how worn out I am from all the running around! Perhaps this is why my husband and I are cranky today!

When you finally meet the person who you want to marry some believe that all is perfect and couldn't get much worse. It does. Add the element of another human being to the picture and you will see more about your spouse then you ever imagined!

I have found that besides the normal arguments all people experience through marriage, how to raise our daughter has become a hot topic. I stepped out of a shower to hear hubs condescendingly telling our Lil one to stop crying. Perhaps it was the tone or the other comments he said, but I was heated!

I tried to explain to him that he shouldn't react to her crying. She's crying because she wants something (this cry-fit was for a bottle) and we can only move so fast to accommodated her need. Patronizing her won't make the situation any better. I think that you have to learn what to really react to. Think about it:

-She's two years old and is crying for a toy or whatever
-She's two years old and is crying as she hits someone in daycare

Which scenario should a reaction be more appropriate for? The point is that I personally believe that not letting a crying baby get to me is the best thing. Of course I will comfort her if she is sick or hurt herself, but when its a fit for something - No thank you.

I have seen time and time again the results of catering every whim a child has. I just don't want to be signing up for Nanny 911 in five years.

I must give credit where credit is due. My husband is awesome at what he does with our daughter! I really couldn't have painted a better picture. I'm just starting to realize the differences of opinion are drastic and I'm going to have to learn to back off. It will be interesting to see how things are several years from now.